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To control the climate and temperature of your home, an efficient heating and cooling system isn't all that you need.

Ductwork plays a fundamental role in keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Unfortunately, a lot of contractors see ductwork as an area to cut costs and compromise. The result are duct systems that need more care and attention than what they've been given.

Impression Home Services are a team of experienced and expert Ontario ductwork contractors. Here is a quick glance at some of the ductwork services we offer province-wide to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Heating Ductwork Furnace Duct Installation and Maintenance HVAC Duct Installation and Maintenance Duct Fitting Duct Air Quality Testing Heating Duct Installation and Maintenance Air Duct Installation and Maintenance

When you work with IHS, you save money on utilities, protect your property, and guarantee an efficient duct system.

We do our best - even in busy season - to help our clients get the best choice in heating and cooling ductwork.

Why is the Quality of Your Ductwork Important?

Your ductwork is key to circulating heating and cooling air throughout your home. Lacking ductwork means a less efficient air system overall.

The best way to maintain ductwork is through, first, proper installation and, second, routine checkups.

What kind of ductwork is best - most contractors will say sheet metal ducts. This is because sheet metal ductwork is mold-resistant, is associated with better air quality over time, and is also considered more durable.

Where is your ductwork located - all throughout your home. The starting point of your ductwork can typically be found in either your attic or, more commonly, your basement. Here it will be connected to your HVAC, heating, and air conditioning equipment.

How often should ductwork be replaced - on average, every 15-20 years. Ductwork starts to deteriorate after 15 years of use. This reduces your system's efficiency and sometimes rather quickly. Ductwork's total lifespan is up to 25 years, however, on the extreme edge of that you might notice utility bills starting to creep up due to the gradual ductwork breakdown of components.

Considering all of this, most homeowners often think it best to refer to licensed and certified ductwork service professionals to install, repair, and maintain their systems.

Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Your air, heat, and/or cooling systems are only going to work as well as your ductwork allows.

Any time you're doing a home renovation, when there's an animal infestation or nesting, visible mold growth, noticeable contaminants or debris being circulated on your property, or allergy-based illnesses in your family, it is imperative to clean your ducts.

What happens if I don't clean and maintain my ductwork - well, a lot.

If ductwork hasn't been properly sealed, you may see the start of back-drafting which pulls in harmful gases into your home.

Did you know the average six-room home generates 40 pounds of dust per year - it's true! Unfortunately, an HVAC system through inefficient ductwork can recirculate that mess 5-6 times per day.

When you aren't regularly cleaning your ducts, you aren't going to get the most efficient performance.

Efficiency is a must in ductwork. When ducts aren't efficient, your heating and cooling systems have to work twice as hard to do the job. How much can ductwork with a leak cost you - sometimes up to a 30% increase on your monthly utility bills.

What Are the Most Common Ductwork Problems?

 Low-quality design. When ductwork does not use the least amount of distance or air circulation is being obstructed, this makes for inefficient heating or cooling.

 Lack of insulation. When insulation isn't properly placed, ductwork can lose significant amounts of heat and air.

 Dirty, contaminated ductwork. When ductwork becomes a breeding ground for contaminants, germs, and dust accumulation, it circulates this all throughout the home. Can cleaning ductwork prevent dust and contaminants - fortunately, yes.

 Airflow isn't efficient. Ductwork can have unnecessary kinks and twists and occasional obstructions. This creates strain on one's system and affects how much heat or cold air circulates.

 Broken seals on registers. Air can escape from your ducts before even reaching your space. Registers that aren't sealed properly also can allow in insects, critters, dust, and debris.

 Leaking ductwork. What is the most common ductwork problem - a leak. Ducts that are loose or disconnected cause air to leak. This impacts not only the efficiency of your ductwork but also indoor air quality. A leak can cause the average home to lose up to 40% of its air.

How do you fix ductwork leaks and other problems - the process is relatively simple.

First, a technician must turn on the HVAC fan. As we observe your ducts, we can identify where air is escaping. From there, we turn off the fan and work to seal any holes or gaps using a specialized metallic foil tape. Duct mastic is then brushed over the tape and joints, fortifying the seal.

IHS has problem-solved every ductwork problem imaginable. If you suspect you may need a ductwork repair, we can help. Don't hesitate to call us to help with ductwork repair and maintenance.

What is the Best New Construction Ductwork?

For comfort and happiness on a newly constructed property, you must have properly installed ductwork in place.

How much does ductwork cost per square foot - though it varies, $10-$20 per linear foot is common for new constructions.

Depending on the type of property, ductwork can be very simple or complex with twists, turns, and more.

In new constructions, it is common to install ductwork for a ‘rough-in period'. That is, when ductwork has been installed before plumbing, electrical, and interior walls are. This allows an inspector to verify the job has been done correctly.

Why is a ductwork inspection recommended for new constructions - to ensure safety and efficiency.

When you partner with a ductwork installer such as IHS, rest assured it will be done right the first time.

Some of our guarantees include a clean design, high-quality ductwork materials, proper insulation, thorough sealing, and secure placement of rivets, screws, bolts, and more.

How do you keep new construction ductwork clean - unfortunately, it's sometimes harder than most might assume. New construction ductwork can become contaminated before it's even finished being installed.

As Ontario experts in ductwork, IHS will help ensure your ductwork is properly set and built according to building specifications.

How Do I Change Ductwork During Renovations?

A renovation provides a premier opportunity to examine and repair your ductwork. Correct failures and errors, and install a new system that meets and exceeds every standard in HVAC ductwork.

How to change ductwork in the renovation is to, first, ensure the system's designed for only the conditioned areas of the home. Routing ducts through unconditioned spaces - i.e. attics, crawlspaces, etc. - will result in temperature loss.

Here are some other guiding factors in renovation ductwork.

Avoid wall voids and/or channels between studs. Always use proper metal ducts.

Reduce the length of duct branches. Place supply vents of new ducts close to interior walls.

Include a return on each floor of a multi-story home, assuming there is a central return already installed. Transfer grilles or jumper ducts between rooms also increase efficiency to and through the central return.

Seal all duct joints with a flexible mastic sealant. Joints should be fastened with quality-made sheet metal screws.

Have an HVAC professional pressure-test the ductwork to ensure risk of air leakage is minimized.

Can I build more ductwork onto my home - always, yes, you can. Adding to existing ductwork does present challenges, and often combines two different configurations, sizes, and systems. Professional duct installers and experienced renovation ductwork contractors are an excellent resource in achieving a single flawless duct system.

IHS is happy to sit down with you and discuss how to help with your ductwork installation, maintenance, repairs, or servicing. Achieving peak efficiency and safety, our ductwork and heating/cooling systems are built to last. Contact us today for a free quote and property assessment.

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